Friday, May 9, 2014

Tea Cups for Posterity

stacked cups

The moms who started the annual Afternoon Tea also created a tradition of passing on tea settings to  their daughters.  The experience of slowing down to sip a cup of tea with one's mom is memorable enough.  Imagine sipping it from a tea cup that she just gave you!  

Consignment stores and antique shops are great places for tea cup finds.  There are the occasional "Made in Occupied Japan" collectibles, the popular Royal Albert tea cups, and the Chinese porcelain tea cups with lids.  Or perhaps great-aunt Louise left you a tea set from Germany? What a perfect time to give your daughter a cup and saucer that will remind her of her heritage.

In a few more weeks, we will be hosting our Afternoon Tea for our daughters.  Be sure to wrap the tea cup, saucer and plate for your daughter and remember to bring a complete set with cutlery for your other guests.  Picture it--colorful and elegant tea cups, beautifully dressed young ladies, and you!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Call for Helping Hands!

Tea Time Cupcake from Buzz Bakery

Transforming an All-Purpose Room into a beautiful Tea Room requires many helping hands--decorating hands, lifting hands, sweeping hands.  We've created a sign up just for that purpose with key words that will tell you if we will need decorative items to borrow or food items for you to make.  Click the sign up button on the right.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tea Time with our Daughters

What's so special about Tea Time?  For many busy homeschooling moms, it may not happen at all, or often enough.  Yet instinctively, we know that if we can just have that special hour or two to slow down, we can have a lovely time with our daughters--to listen to them, to share some of our own stories with them, and to simply enjoy the age they are, whether eight or twelve or sixteen.

This year, we are happy to help you create special memories with your daughters.  You will have an opportunity to bake them extra-special treats, to serve them fragrant cups of tea, and to feel like elegant ladies with them.

Please mark your calendars for this special Afternoon Tea with our daughters*.  We will enjoy delicate finger sandwiches and tasty sweets, calm ourselves with some chamomile and peppermint tea, as well as listen to our guest speaker, Mary Lenaburg.

An Afternoon Tea with our Daughters
Sunday, June 1, 1:45 - 4:00
All-Purpose Room, St. Michael Catholic Church 
7401 St. Michael's Lane, Annandale, VA 22003

*This event is for daughters who have made their First Communion and their mothers, aunts, or grandmothers.  Moms, there will be a sign up for items to be prepared for the event.  Look for a follow up e-mail with details.