Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tea Cup

Dear Daughter,

Today, in your hand, you hold a tea cup. It is delicate and beautiful. The handle is gracefully curved, as is the cup itself. The outside may be decorated with multi-colored flowers, geometric shapes, or intricate patterns. It is unique: a piece of art that shows the craftsmanship and skill of its designer.

Once upon a time, I held a tiny little girl in my hands and thought, “She is delicate and beautiful.” Her features were gracefully curved. She was decorated with darling dresses covered with multi-colored flowers, geometric shapes, and intricate patterns. She was unique, a wonderful creation of the Artist, whose craftsmanship and skill shined through her daintiness.

* * * * * * * *

Each year, our daughters receive a scroll with a message written by a mommy to her daughter.  On the first year scroll, the letter (part of which is shown above) describes the Tea Cup and our darling little girls. 

Though we know they won't remain tiny, we are still surprised that they're not!  This time of slowing down, even for an afternoon, helps us see our daughters now--when they're just a bit taller, a little more graceful, and on their way to a lot more independence from us.